Opus Shutters

Polymer Shutters

OPUS Polymer Shutters are made from a water-resistant, engineered synthetic extrusion using only high quality virgin powder derived from Taiwan, and finished in a luxury non-toxic waterborne paint. The extrusion withstands high temperatures, making this shutter the ideal choice for Australia’s harsh environment.

Unlike many factories who buy materials in from 3rd parties and extrude using recycled pellets (not virgin powder), our factory is large scale and extrudes the materials themselves. This means we control our supply chain and can guarantee the highest quality in raw materials and construction.

We differ too in paint process. Most factories apply paint by hand in an un-contained environment. The quality of finish this way, depends on the skill of the operator and his attention to detail. Our factory paint all materials by machine in a contained environment, which guarantees a high quality finish every time. They use a with a UV inhibitor to provide a hard-wearing finish for maximum durability throughout everyday use.

Basswood Shutters

Premium Basswood is the best timber for constructing internal plantation shutters due to its lightweight and affordability, compared to fellow hardwoods Western Red Cedar, Maple or Oak. Although there are less expensive timbers again such as Poplar and Paulownia (Phoenixwood) readily available in the window furnishings industry, it is worth understanding the differences in hardwood so you can assist your customer to make a well informed decision, and protect your reputation in doing so,